Book Review: The Secret of the Purple Lake

The Secret of the Purple Lake

Yaba Badoe

Review by Leila Green

Release Date: October 6th, 2017

An illustrated and interlinked collection of five globe-hopping stories that follow bold creatures from Ghana to Thailand.

secret of the purple lake.jpg

“Don’t you know it’s dangerous to tamper with your destiny?”

     In this enchanting collection of fables, Ghanaian filmmaker Yaba Badoe crafts a fabulous, eccentric world in which the sea is a hippopotamus and “rainbows drip honey.” The five tales are linked together; beginning in a Ghanaian fishing village and ending in ancient Thailand. Water is the force that Badoe uses to link these unlikely places together. Her characters use the ocean to traverse the planet and encounter mystical beings like fish-men, dancing octopuses, singing walruses, and mutated snakes. Badoe brings the animal kingdom to dazzling life; these stories practically dance with their assortments of colors, birdsongs, animal cries, fish, flowers, tastes, and scents. What results is a charming, whimsical collection that blurs the lines between the human, animal, and spiritual realms.