2016 National Book Award Winners Announced

On November 16th, the winners of the National Book Award were announced. Black literature showed up and showed out. Congratulations are in order to the winners:

stamped from the beginning.jpeg

"While 'negative' portrayals of Black people often reinforced racist ideas, 'positive' portrayals did not necessarily weaken racist ideas. The 'positive' portrayals were simply dismissed as extraordinary Negroes, and the 'negative' portrayals were generalized as typical. Even if these racial reformers managed to one day replace all “negative” portrayals with “positive” portrayals in the mainstream media, then, like addicts, racists would then turn to other suppliers."

"In death the negro became a human being. Only then was he the white man’s equal."

John Lewis, Young People's Literature Award 

March: Book Three

Click the above links to learn more about each winning title. This level of representation is incredible. I am beyond thrilled to see Black authors getting praised and honored in this way. Congratulations to these wonderful writers and to Cave Canem, an important incubator of Black poetry.